Friday, May 11, 2012 Greening the Grid

Creating a stable power grid that all consumers can access for all their appliances as well as control the exact amount of electricity each is spending seems like a hard task indeed. Not only do we need to spend billions of dollars on rejuvenating our old electricity grid; most of which has not seen much advancement since the early 1900's but also think of a way of minimizing energy losses. We need to bring modern and renewable resources into action: solar, wind, hydroelectric among many others.

Taking for example the United States, shown in the video below, the energy that could be saved if consumers have the knowledge of just how much they consume. They will become more educated, more aware of how much money, electricity is guzzling from them. No longer will there be surprises when receiving the electric bill. Of course, such modern houses with all its appliances are still somewhat far away but they are the future. A future for safeguarding our environment as well as protecting our most fragile economies.

If we can achieve this objective then we can be sure that future generations will thank us for our actions. The Earth's resources are precious and we must not waste them frivolously. Developed countries must lead the way with technological innovation and intelligent actions so that the whole world may benefit. And a sustainable electric grid is the first step towards achieving this goal.

 Greening the Grid