Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Audio Review: The Naked Scientists

I recently browsed through some of the free podcasts available on iTunes and this one caught my eye... or ear in this case. The Naked Scientists is a very fun and easy to listen podcast which provides insightful and resourceful knowledge in a new way. Solely through the power of hearing, the cast of the Naked Scientists answer such ill-ridden and "never-thought of that" questions that they make listeners (or in this case, me) hang onto their every word.

Does farting make you weigh less?Can we create artificial nerve signals?, Do all satellites around a planet, star, etc orbit in the same direction? If so, why?
These are only some of the questions being asked and answered on the show. I myself am intrigued every time I hear an out of this world question that is easily answered by one of the "naked scientists".
Another interesting part of the podcast is Kitchen Science. This consists of scientific experiments with real meaning that may be conducted in your own home. Examples of this include: Melting Ice with Salt and Build your own helicopter guide.

The cast of the "Naked Scientists" are fun and humorous especially when they are in the middle of a Kitchen Science experiment.
I would definetly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in rarely asked scientific research and of course an open mind. I try to be as open-minded as possible but I must admit the science does sometimes make me...