Monday, January 4, 2010

Video Review: The Ten Dimensions

The ten dimensions! Some think that they are possible and real and others believe its all a sham. I am quite difficult to be persuaded to an idea of such a grand scale without some measure of proof. That is why I looked on various science and video sites until I found the video pictured above.

I first heard of the possibility of more dimensions in New Scientist: Magazine issue 2723, by Richard Webb. One thing that I remember clearly from that article is the following sentence: "We don't have any trouble coping with three dimensions or four but it's when we start to explore worlds that embody more – or indeed fewer – dimensions that things get really tough."

The first three dimensions are described as something we can see and affect: the first dimension being a dot, the second a line and the third a split or a fold. The fourth dimension which represents time is a concept that has been around for some time and is mostly accepted.  As we know time is described as a line ("timeline"), we cannot change it in any way until we reach the 5th dimension. This is where things start to get interesting and complicating. The fifth, sixth and seventh dimension all involve changing space and time so as to replace your past and present by the power of choice. Dimension's 7,8 and 9 represent all the possible realities and universes and our ability to shift through space and time to reach them. They are also represented as a dot, a line and a fold. When we come to the 10th dimension however we can go no further because we represent all possible timelines and all possible universes as a single dot the cycle cannot continue.

The continual cycle of the dimensions (dot, line, fold) is quite a exceptional way to simplify a theory that would have otherwise required thousands of mathematical and scientific theories to explain. It is quite amazing how such a complex theorem can be expressed as lines and dots.