Saturday, January 9, 2010

BBC News: Life in extreme cold around the world

Due to the recent record breaking low temperatures around the globe (mostly in Norway where thermometers recorded an all-time low of -45ºC), I have decided to search the Internet for more ground-breaking temperatures. BBC provided me with the best possible article filled with unimaginable records.

The lowest temperature ever recorded has been in Vostok, Antarctica : -89.2ºC. Of course no one lives there so how and why this temperature was recorded is a mystery.
Most interestingly however there is a populated village (Oymyakon, Russia) with an average winter temperature of -45ºC. Schools only shut down when temperatures are below -50ºC. The English should be ashamed of closing schools when there is a large snowfall or -20ºC outside. According to the article, glasses cannot be worn outside as they freeze to your skin forever. I don't know why people would live there.

Nearby there is actually a large population center: Yakutsk which possess two airports, an university and several schools. Its average is about -40ºC. Of course these temperatures are not restricted to Russia. In the Western hemisphere temperatures are not too shabby either. International Falls, Minnesota has a mean yearly temperature of 0ºC. It has been considered the coldest city in the Americas.

I however do not have any experience with such matters (Here in Portugal people are shocked when temperatures reach 0ºC). However I will say this: next time you find that your car's windshield has frozen or that your best route to work is closed because of snowfall, be happy. At least your glasses haven't glued to your nose.